The Wish-Landscape, 2018 London
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The Wish-Landscape, 2018 London

“Yes, I was thinking: we live without a future. That’s what’s queer …” (Virginia Woolf).

The project marries “a wish-landscape”, mythopoetic categories, and queer temporality. The refusal of a certain natural order opens up new possibilities for hope and diversity in
the present moment. This celebration of the moment signifies utopian potentiality and an escape from the constraints of reality.

The project is inspirited by uniforms, Andy Warhol’s early hand-drawings, and camouflage, which in this context is viewed as an artistic approximation of nature. The process of
deconstruction of the regular military, white-collar, and workers’ uniforms with soft silks and a transgender body has progressed into the creation of original garments. The suggestion of
which is like an unregistered story or a poem.

Project info
The Wish-Landscape, 2018 London
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